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About Us

Our aim


To promote the well-being, relieve the stress and aid the recuperation of those who are experiencing the effects of cancer and its treatment, together with their families. In particular by the provision of positive individual and/or family experiences.


Our objective


To provide a comprehensive website where people with cancer and their families can access a variety of free ‘gifts’ donated by companies and individuals.

These include free breaks in holiday cottages; restaurant meals; a day at the races; hotel stays; theatre tickets; beauty treatments; tickets for attractions… the list is endless.



How can I find out where my donations went?

Easy. Either sign-up to our newsletter or visit eatwandsworth.com/donations. We will run a monthly feature on the charity receiving your kind donations, finding out a little more about the charity itself and how the money will be put to good use.

Which charities will benefit?

Dining out has never been so rewarding! We’ve teamed up with a number of fantastic local charities of which you can find listed below. Each month, we will nominate and feature a specific charity for all monies to be sent to. Of course, we would love to hear any ideas from our members if there is a deserving charity we have missed off the list. Please email charity@eatwandsworth.com with any suggestions you may have.

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