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2016 was a rather dry vintage for the Aragon region, which experienced low rainfall coupled with hot, windy weather in early to mid-summer. This weather was advantageous for areas where early flowering is common. These drier conditions resulted in modest yields but grape maturity was greatly benefited by cooler autumn weather that allowed gradual optimum ripening.



The grapes underwent temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The wine was bottled young without any oak maturation.

Vintage 2016
Grape varieties 100% Macabeo
Region Aragon
Winemaker Marcelo Morales Calderon
Alcohol (ABV) 12.5%

Macabeo El Circo



El Circo means 'the circus', and each of the varieties in this range is represented by a different circus performer. The wines are made by the co-operative located in DO Cariñena, the same name as the grape variety, known as Carignan in France. A new, modern winery was built in 2002. Winemaker Marcelo Morales Calderon is Chilean, having previously worked for Carmen and Veramonte among others. He came for the vintage 13 years ago and stayed, as he was excited both by the quality of the fruit and the high standard of the facilities at his disposal.

The co-operative has numerous vineyards with different microclimates and altitudes ranging from 320 to 850 metres above sea level. The continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers, is mitigated by a beneficial cool and dry wind, the Cierzo, which blows through the vineyards all year long ensuring the grapes remain healthy.



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