Drinks Biscuits – Cheddar Smoked Chilli & Almond



The Drinks Bakery creates delicious savoury Drinks Biscuits that are expertly flavour-profiled with premium ingredients to perfectly match GREAT DRINKS like craft beer, top wines, whisky and of course gin. Featured & gaining investment on Dragon’s Den,


The Mature Cheddar, Smoked Chilli & Almond Drinks Biscuits are made with the best Barwheys Mature Cheddar cheese from the west coast of Scotland. They’re rich and satisfying on the palate with a balance of fruit, smoke and spice that compliments but never overpowers your Great Drink. Try these with west coast Single Malt Whisky, bourbon, off-dry Riesling wines, Malbecs, barrel aged craft beers (Innis & Gunn Original) or a fruity cider.


These a perfect to purchase in one of our fantastic gift sets.



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